Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh wow.

Haha, can you actually believe I am doing this? The last time I blogged was January 2010. Now it's August 5th 2011.

"Accidentally" stumbled upon my blog when my friend decided to google my name. Ahh sumpah malu. All of those years when I was addicted to TWILIGHT. Good god.

Anywho, after reading back my blog, well I changed a lot, i really do. So this blog was about PAST me. I am still the same sarcastic girl who loves reading, dancing and photography but personality-wise, I changed.

Oh, yeah, I did went to the US. It was magical. *sigh*

Now, I am in college. No longer a whiny high school girl, so folks, hasta la vista and have a nice day. Happy Ramadan.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

11th hour

Pack pack pack pack pack
below 20kg below 20kg below 20 kg
finish presentation finish presentation

My so called mantra
Aarrggghhh why on earth I procrastinate a lot??
and it doesn't help either that my bro's place has a super speed internet

.....continuing packing......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Wassup everybody. Haha. Yup, it is me, no need to get a heart attack and all....
This is just only a short update...and well after I edited some stuff and deleted some useless posts (seriously I was a Twilight fanatic back then and it makes me cringe that I ever wrote some childish stuff like that) :S

So as some of you know, I am leaving to the USA for 6 months for an exchange program. Remember USA Field Trip in 8 TV? Yeah it is the same organisation AFS and all minus the camera crew. I will be leaving on the 13th of Jan. *Gasp* It's next week. I hope we could have a great time at the pre-departure camp cause I certainly did at the Joget Camp :D

I will be hosted in Teaneck, New Jersey!! Only 7km to New York City! Yup, I've been mentioning that to everybody I know. :p But do remember I am on an exchange program and not on vacation. But I could still have fun! It's freezing in New Jersey and snow. All the snow. Snow, snow, SNOW!

Well, that is it for now, me gonna go out and wanna buy me self some jammies. Haha

Peace out, Dudes.

P/S: Ena baiknya ko jadi aku punya follower, terharu aku. *sobs*

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm alive, barely.


I haven't updated since God knows when...don't have the commitment to do so. But now I am going to update...casually. I am reviving my blog but nobody knows (am not telling anyone anyway).I am doing it for myself and whoever have been checking, thank you though I doubt anyone doing so. Meh, so formal.

Howdy! Haha everybody's running away from distractions but I am more attracted to it. Can't help it! SPM is in a few days time and I am so not worried. Am I scared? Yes. Do I bother? Yes. Do i want to excel? YES. yet here I am. I curse you damn Internet for ruining our exam results but making our social life just a tad better. Hah! Good Luck for SPM people. I will be around, but not that much.

Hasta La vista and Gambate.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Form 5

On the third day of school ...

Cool teachers. Cool friends. We Rule. A lot of Homework. Streaming. Sad that we aren't the original Science 2 anymore. High. Craziness. Who's gonna sing with me now since my singing partner went to Science 3. At least Lien is here. No Joey, no vulgarity, no noise. No freaking bus. Apparently the chamber fume from the Chem Lab directs the fume exactly( not really but still) near our class. That explains a lot. Double hurrah for being Form 5 prefects. Who knew Real Perfect english could be hard and complicated plus confusing. No entertainment till weekends. Whatever.Tuition, tuition tuition. Hate playing F chord on classical guitar. If anyone asks me again What I am Going to do After SPM I'll hit you. Answer: Let me finish SPM first la doi. Stress haven't arrived yet. Nice windy class. What the hell am i doing here? Does anyone loves Gnarles Berkley. He's awesome. My cat just peed on my favourite bag in the whole wide world. bye.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So what

I don't know why my parents are that worried about me
  1. I mean yeah I wear black all the time ( im not emo, or joinning a cult or worship satan whatsoever its just that everybody looks good in black)
  2. and yeah I like to watch bloody gore spooky TV shows and movie
  3. and ditto about me prefering to stay indoors read books than go run outside around in the garden like some freaking bollywood movie
  4. and I admit sometimes I talk to my cat more than humans
  5. and yeah I could just finish reading a book in one day without stopping


Well other than that I am still normal. A bit.

Okie dokie.

School starting tomorrow (except for Joey)

Mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Oh well...just gonna go with the flow

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am living in loser-ville

My social life is zero
I talk to my 4 year old cat who snores and cooing my new kitty like a grandma cooing her new born grandchild
and i am stuck at home while MOST of my good friends are having fun at Joey's
I sound so exciting.

i am sooo going to be a weird lady living alone with her 20 cats in a flat when i grow up
thats all i am gonna say
I am sooo looking forward for that