Saturday, November 3, 2007

My first actually

Wassup everybody???!!!
Welcome to my I deleted my old blog coz I have no time to dedicate my life to 'it' coz of 'hell' (PMR). Anyways now that 'hell' is finished I could dedicate 1/4 of my life to 'it'.

Anyways...I'm going to Japan on the 21st. To Tokyo and Utsonomiya (northern Tokyo) and Tokyo
(yes I do have to mention it). I checked the weather and its gonna be freezing! (WINTER!!!) Hmph...gotta practise sitting IN the freezer. I am rather excited and a wee bit depressed coz theres nobody I know is going with me.
(I'm a bit unfriendly.sometimes.)
So, my mum n I r going ballistic finding stuff for Japan. We went to Plaza Pelangi yesterday to find some stuff and turn out disappointed (duh!) I want boots so we went looking. (yes I adore them even though I don't have any) Finally
we saw a very perfect one.

To some people it might be a bit ugly but to me n my mum it was perfect. So I look for the price and I nearly died .


*still dying btw*

Ahh...4 now Chinguin has left the building. EXITS.


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