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Arigato Gozaimas, Konnichiwa and Konbanwa.

Yeah... I know. I haven't been truly faithfully to my blog lately coz
a) I malas
b) i forgot my username and
c) I forgot my password.

Ohkay so let me tell you the day I went to Japan

26 - 27 November
Orientation in UM. Thought it was in Kolej ke-11 but instead it was Kolej ke-12. Had to walk there with Kak Syedah and Abg Izhar. 1km! and somebody said it was only 100m. Yeah right.

Baru tau that there are only 4 girls and 13 guys. Oh.

We all berkenalan and stuff and learn some basic Japanese. The next day we have to practice for the performance during the farewell party. Sing 2 Japanese songs and a Malay song. AND
berjoget lambak...yeah joget lambak for 4 hours. Kinda hilarious to see the guys doing it and ended up doing shuffle instead.

And I also baru tau that we have to pisah into 2 groups. Fukuoka group and Nagasaki group. Im in Nagasaki group with 8 other people. No coordinator. Wooho!

28 November

On the way to KLIA. Some go with their parents while some other(me) went to KLIA by bus. But I sempat jumpa Kak Syedah and Abg Izhar before going.

Transit to Bangkok. Waited for 2 hours. The security person is soooo cute. Ehem I mean very strict. Then sambung flight to Fukuoka Airport.

29 November

Finally after how many hours(and suffering from sore butt) we arrive in Fukuoka. Ahhh...nice. COLD. 15 c but still can tahan.

Then we berpisah with the other group to go to Nagasaki. First stop Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and Nagasaki Peace park. The park is near to the hypocentre of the explosion. Very nice place but depressing too. The atomic bomb actually tersasar and meletup near a school. Lets see some numbers

Dead: 73,884
Injured: 74,909
Sufferers: 120,820

the guys in front of the Peace Statue. From left Safuan, Hazwan, Arif, Farhan, Fauzan. 1 missing Tariq.

Farah n I in front the Peace Statue

In front of the Museum.

Next stop: Glover Garden. Very peaceful, serene beautiful place!
Thomas Blake Glover, born near Aberdeen, Scotland, came to Nagasaki in 1859 at the age of 21. He spent the rest of his life in Japan. He contributed to the modernization of Japan in shipbuilding, coal mining and many other fields. (
Ok I stole that line from wiki)

the Glover House

I told ya the place is beautiful.

the Nagasaki group

the port and the view

me n view

Then...its time to rest for day. Stayed in a hotel. 1 person 1 room. Went channel surfing on the TV 4 a while and I accidentally open the naughty channel. Farah in the next room could hear me screaming.Oh yeah!I use a public toilet and I tried to flush it but only the flush sound keluar. No water. only the sound. Me in the toilet " Who the heck wants to hear the sound?!! Wheres the water!!!" Then i realise i tertekan the flush sound button. Ha ha. I termasuk the children's toilet.
wif all the buttons. oh yeah n theres a spray that u have to control the pressure or else ur....ok stop.

ah yes of course.

B4 going to sleep went jalan2 at the jusco berdekatan. Only in Japan it is safe to walk around at night.

30 November
Check out from the hotel. Went to Chiwata JR High School. Let me tell ya the students are cool and happy. There are only 2 classes. We were given name-tags with our name in Japan Kanji. In Japan I only known as Ika since they cant pronounce R,Y,Q. The teacher told me dont be offended if the students laugh at my name. I ask why, she said IKA known as SQUID. ah...lovely. We stand in front of the class teaching them Malay and asking stuff and all. Then we went to learn how to write calligraphy. I got a "Very Good". After that we went to the gym to play rope aka skipping wif a giant rope where everybody jumped 2gether. Fantastic.

wif sum of the students
wif sensei

jumping skipping time

juz us n principal.

Next stop: Ceramic Town! Where we paint our own ceramic cups! Everybody's concentrating.

Finally we're introduced to our foster parents. I got Kida and thank god she knows how to speak English. She lives with her husband and no kids. Her house is really pretty. The whole night we talked about Family, Malaysia n other stuff!
my room!!!
1 December
All day with foster family day. Kida brought me to her childcare where I spend the whole morning with the kids. The kids are all so adorable!!! Today's special activities: Gardening n Cooking at the Town's Hall. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Gardening time
Cooking time

In the afternoon I joined Hazwan and Fauzan's Foster Family. They have to share a family and their foster parents are neighbours with mine. So we spent the whole evening playing golf and of course i suck at it.

Hazwan and fauzan's fosterbro

At night Fauzan, Hazwan and I berjalan-jalan around the neighbourhood 4 a while. After that a big dinner with their foster parents and mine. Sushi, Ika, every thing. They really paksa us makan. Then the fosters talked in Japanese bout sumthing and we (Fauzan Hazwan me) talked about them in Malay. hehehe.

2 December

Say goodbye to Kida and family. I will miss them very much. Then Farhan (our ketua) told us that we don't have to perform!!! OH YEAHHH!! No singing in Japanese and Joget Lambak. woot woot. (Ah yes who wants to learn joget lambak? anybody?)

Then went to Huistenbosch. last place to go before leaving Nagasaki. Huistenbosch is like stepping into Holland. So many flowers and beautiful buildings.

Then went on an Express train to Fukuoka to meet with the other group. Then 15 hour bus ride to Tokyo and catching up with the other group.

3 December

FINALLY we reach Tokyo station then 18 of us naik 5 taxi's to Sakura Hostel where we're going to stay. Lovely Comfortable place.Though we have to wait 3 hours to check in. But the hostel is near to shops and all so we were able to brjalan2! We just hang out there for the day. But tomorrow...DISNEYLAND!!!

girls dorm only

the kitchen where the dude showing their manliness.

4 December

DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!! From 10 am to 7pm.
What ride I naik

1. Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow!!!)
2. Big Thunder Mountain (roller coaster not that scary but still awesome)
3. Westernland Shootin' Gallery (juz tembak anything)
4. Space Mountain (the coolest of them all. roller coaster. Very fast. they even have escape pods b4 the ride if u chicken out)
5. Star Tours ( its like a drunken robot driving the star wars space ship)
6. MicroAdventure! ( 3D cinema kinda cool. When the rats 'terlepas' to the audience you could feel sumthing crawling near ur legs and when the dog accidentally terbesar it sneezes n 'water' splashes at ya. Me n my riding buddies: "Argh kena samak!"
7. Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters (Blast em' all)
8. Star Jets (u r flying n kinda scary n very awkward 2 if ur sharing the ride wif sumbody)
9. Grand Circuit Raceway ( it will be cool if theres no track guiding u and the car stops if ur too close)
10. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin (spin and spin)
11. Mark Twain Riverboat (yeah since splash mountain tutup we ride that one. Slow riding boat)

Oh n I met my mum there to. How I met my mother.

My mum also kena pergi to Japan bt different group and different day and different place. But my schedule tukar (we're suppose to go to Disneyland the next day). So when we berkumpul for lunch for a while i heard somebody said "tu cikgu2 dari M'sia" when I heard that I saw a group of ladies sitting on a bench and I was like "mak?" she turned and BAAM!! We were so happy!!! I was jumping and hugging her!!

Oh n my group terlambat half an hour since 'sumbody' punya jam lmbt 1 hour.

my crazy ridding buddies. tariq, haikal, hazwan

hazwan penyibuk!!!

majid, farah, haikal,me,hazwan

Happy disney time

5 December

The last day in Tokyo. Went jalan2 at the temple in Asakusa (near the hostel) Shopping time for present!!!

Then went to Akihabara where electronic items are half the price. And also where the boys all go crazy. they borong psp, ps3, ipods, n other stuff. Me? juz bought a notebook and was so happy and make sum of the guys pelik. girls R weird.

Last nite in Tokyo. Decided to do last minute shopping around asakusa. but the kedai all tutup and the homeless people mula berlabuh there. N we also terserempak wif an ambulance. Whoah. bt that cant stop us from taking pictures!

6 December


not a pleasant way to go to the airport. Walk with ur luggage turun naik wif ur luggage naik train wif ur luggage. Oh well xtra work out.

So over all I really truly love my Japan experience. And I wish I could go there again. So, Nad, Syiema, Farah, Farhan, Fauzan, Hazwan, Tariq, Arif, Safuan, Anas, Haikal, Adi, Arif, Majid, Iskandar, Rosa n Mama Malini. Thanks 4 everything n thanks for the memories!!!!!!!!! Sorry if I ever offended anyone and will miss ya all!!!

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