Friday, March 21, 2008

Yawning all the way
Part 3/4

The Noisy Night

* Cat Lovers Welcome
* Cat Haters Beware

Lemme see

Things I did today

The moment I woke up
I had breakfast Then I watched TV which did not interest me at all
Then I get dressed to get ready for my prefect duty at the stadium
There I met Sindhu Rabeekah Reshveni Elsie Izzati Aryati Shar Linn. Then I called Aisyah and begged her to come, which she wouldn't. My duty started by running around the stadium
To find people and to give the prizes to the winners
which, later on I felt like this
I went back and was feeling tired and decided to sleep
After that I ate...again Then I danced for awhile Next I read a book without realising what I was reading

Then I decided to update my blog

Eventhough all I wanted to do was this

The Cat Lover
The Proud Owner of the

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