Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Love You and Goodbye

Goodbye Atok
I will forever miss you
I will always remember the way you greet me
Although not always
but your huge and warm smile
will always make me feel welcome

The memories
The places we visited
beaches, museums
although it sounds boring
but it means a lot to me
because those were my happy memories
part of my childhood.

When I kissed you goodbye
All I could say was Atok for one last time
before that I could still stay calm
but after saying goodbye
I had no control over my tears

After 3 months of suffering
After 2 years without Nek Jah
now you could rest in peace
many people visited you
they knew you well
saying goodbye for one last time

goodbye atuk
goodbye Major Sha'aban
I love you
Allah will always be with you.

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