Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Still Do Remember My Roots.

Once upon a time about 2 years ago I was chatting with a guy and a girl. Somehow I was chatting more to the guy than the girl. We were both conversing in English. Well, agaknya this girl ada tahap jealous yang melampau asked me this question:

Girl: Eh awak ni melayu ke cina?
Me: Melayu. Asal?
Girl: kalau Melayu cakap lah Melayu
Me: Eh Suka hati aku ah nak cakap apa
Guy: Biarlah dia

Then, a few years or months or weeks or days later...this girl always post bulletins on somewhere and guess what every time she post a bulletin she uses ENGLISH, and during one survey she said that she was awesome in ENGLISH. H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.

Yeah I know, me myself speak and write in English most of the time, and yeah I know I make some mistakes sometimes. I've been speaking English since I was young. I live in a family where we speak in variable languages. Sometimes we converse in Malay, sometimes English. For the fun of it in Jawa and at one point in Japanese. Since I am schooling where the majority are non-Malays, so I converse in English. IS THAT WRONG?!

I still remember my roots ok, and trust me I STILL know how to speak Malay and I still talk to the other people in Malay. I know when to speak in English and when to speak in Malay. So don't tell me that I am speaking English because I'm a snob or whatever. I am being GLOBAL. Is it wrong to be multi language?

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