Sunday, June 8, 2008


Uh Rasyiqah! I don't like you. Why did you not finish your Biology homework? You have weeks to do it.
Oh sorry teacher. I attempted to do in Singapore MRT and I can't because the MRT is obviously moving and stopping to a halt and without realising it, I left my Biology notebook there. Accidentally.

Rasyiqah, where is your Add Maths book?
Oh so sorry teacher. When I was doing my Add Maths homework I was really concentrating hard but my crazy cat thought that my book was a toy so she bit it and drag my book away from me. I only found it yesterday. Under a pile of poops.

If I give this reasons to my teachers on why I did not finish my homework, will they believe me?

I am still on holiday mood and I don't have any mood at all to wake up early just because I HAVE to go to school. Especially this week. Exam Results and maybe Prefect Meeting (they make me nervous and uncomfortable like nobody's business)

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