Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My sister is getting married on 15th June.
My LAST sister to be exact
Last year was my eldest sister
on the 15th March
6 years ago on the 15th June
it was my brother's turn.


" Syiqah, bila awak punya turn? "
Me: Tak tau, tahun depan kot
" Syiqah, tahun depan awak pulak ke? "
Me: Boleh kalau ada orang.
" Syiqah, nanti u punya turn theme apa pulak? "
Me: Under the Sea
" Syiqah dah ada calon ke belum? "
Me: Maybe? Wahahahaha.

Me: =_=
Hmph. The age gap.

Well people since I am 16 and though some girls had already found their soul mates at this age (ehem ehem nudge nudge wink wink) let me be the girl who does not give a damn about this until she's like what? 47? (My parents must be so proud) Let me be known as Paper Girl because of her obsession with characters who does not exist. Kinda freaky right, but let me put some false hopes on guys who I know won't exist anytime than waiting for the guy who only hurt me more. Scared...I Know. Emo...for sure.

So sis only 11 days left. Wahkahkahkah. R U ready?!
I tied cards together and tied ribbons until I slept in front of the TV holding the ribbons. Sweet am I no?

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