Friday, October 3, 2008

Three Phases of Raya


ok ok

i procrastinate too much
and lazy
to update
coz no one bothers a
nyway anywho


(sorry its a bit messy)

Before Raya

aka Ramadan aka fasting month aka the time where we can't eat
the time where we look tired and thus providing a reason why we can't do our homework

Ok so what is Hari Raya without Kuih Raya right...This year my sister baked 3 cookies and I only baked 1 (yes people i know how to)

So Kuih number 1: Kuih Suji a cookie where it tastes kinda creamy and the taste just EXPLODES in your mouth
REVIEWS: my dad:
UMMMOHMHUMMM *nods head*
Before baked

After baked

I help too okay..

But unfortunately there was an accident. My sister nearly lose her finger trying to 'kikis' cheese to make The Cheese Straws. You see people lose their fingers playing mercun or bomb or whatever but my sister...yeah.

Don't worry theres no hint of blood in ANY of her cookings or baking

So Kuih Number 2: The Cheese Straw

For all the cheese lover...YUMMY

Before Baked

After Baked

I did one sister called it my Ulat Beluncas
See my sister had some extra dough so she said that I could do anything with I did my Caterpillars


Unfortunately they had to burn in HELL

<-- Hell I mean The Microwave Oven And crunchy they've become

Next Kuih Number 3:
Oh yeah...the all time popular and favourite cookies....
the smell will make you .....

Oh wait
you cant

Kuih Number 4: Cornflakes!

Nurin my little eater I mean my little helper
shes been munching it even before I baked it

I DID IT. ON MY OWN. Yeah it was easy to some but for me who suffers from cooking n baking self esteem...I even accidentally make a toffee (gula hangus)

REVIEWS: I BERJAYA I MADE IT and ITS EDIBLE its finishing fast...even before I baked it..

During Raya

This year's Raya meant a lot for me..because EVERYBODY in my family is present. Last Year was a very dramatic raya (We raya-ed in a Hospital.. Kak Syedah was in the Hospital...Irfan was born very prematurely Abg Izhar was celebrating on a ship on the ocean with some dolphins)

This year we're celebrating in SINGAPORE
and of course we've got a full picture....

When the men were praying (solat sunat aidilfitri) we the ladies had to guard the car (there were no parking space and we had to park illegally) So we....

Irfan's mata cantik...

mum me kak ana

the ladies in the family
mum me kak syedah kak ana

kak noha mum me kak syedah kak ana

the men were back

My bro and his family
bro kak noha Nurin

Then we head off to Rumah Nek Wan to what else EAT.
It is compulsory to eat if you come to my grandma's house and it is also compulsory to eat more than two servings or you'll be frown upon...

you could see the humongous prawns

On your marks loosen your pants or kains or whatever Get Ready EAT!

pictures tell a thousand words...or taste.

Next is bersalam-salaman time.
Here we say sorry to everybody for our mistakes and of course there were
few who shed some tears
( I'm emo grandma's speech to me was heartbreaking..
in a good way.)

"Usually I give money This year I GOT money...mwahahaahah" my dad

My bro irfan nurin kak noha
Irfan can surely pas as my bro's son...
(i hope they have a baby next year....hehe)

the happy family
abg izhar kak syedah irfan

the newlyweds
abg napi n kak ana

the PROUD aunt

irfan and his uber cute songkok
and uber cute shoes n socks
we all just wanna bit him!!

Next we visit the neighbour and my bro-in-law's house (Abg Izhar and Abg Napi).
We ate and ate again.
We talked and talked and talked.
And I got MUH-NEY...

Though they were talking about cancer and how
important it is to get EXCELLENT marks for exam (WHY?! WHY?!)

After the visits,
went back to Nek Wan's house and I fainted...slept.
When I woke up...I ate again.
After 11pm we went back coz my dad and Abg Napi r working on the next day

After Raya

The moment I woke up


I've lost my voice
and I got the flu
4 people got the flu
n we were wearing mask coz Irfan was around
Kak syedah called us THE MASK RIDERS

So for the people who were hoping to eat for free at my open house...sorry to disappoint..but I got quarantined....I'm coughing and I'm sneezing..I still am


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