Friday, November 14, 2008


I just looking around on my blog and I just realised something...
dang my blog is plain dead boring


Exam is loong gone ...
and I already got 7 out of 10 results
and I did OK, not fantastic, but not bad either
For my standard anyway (plain average)
Now, just waiting for ADD MATHS
NEXT freaking YEAR
I wanna Nintendo Wii.
Oooh..and being in 4 Science 1 when they are checking their results
gives me nightmare (no offence people)
Let's see if you are in 4 Science 2 , if you get pass and above you will scream dance n jump like nobody's business ( well some of them anyway)
In 4 Science 1, if they got 65 or 70 they look like wanna cry
Ok I know exams, results are importanto but it creeps me out...maybe because I am just a slacker (and always have and will be)

Plus, today is Joey's last day in Convent
she's moving to Melbourne next year
Who's gonna do the pelvic whatever with me at random moments?!
Who's gonna dance with me at inappropriate moments?!
Well my sis is pursuing her studies in Melbourne too
maybe I could just butt in
Joey did not even cry
Even though I sang the Graduation song
Come on Joey
shed some tears!!!

Then we watched Madagascar 2 (me Joey Irene Pei Wen)
the verdict
Well it was funny but only when THE PENGUINS or KING JULLIAN talked or moved.
it was kinda short and boring at certain places
but there were Cute moments (awww)
Ah, and the songs are FREAKING awesome

You like-y?

Got loads to type but
I end here.

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