Sunday, November 30, 2008

Honestly Honest honest review of Twilight since I watched it twice...

Lets see...when I first watched this movie, my expectations were very low, as low as High School Musical, maybe that is why I enjoyed this movie. Oh and NEVER COMPARE THE BOOK WITH THE MOVIE...that will of course ruin EVERYTING. If you want to enjoy this movie don't compare it saying Why like this why like that. You will not enjoy it so as the person sitting near you. Ehem.


1. Kirsten Stewart is an OK actress but some scenes she is more masculine than Edward...and the hospital scene at the end of the movie....and getting fakely super

2. Robert Pattinson looks better from the side than the front.

3. The relationship between Edward and Bella was a bit rushed and I was wondering how could they fall to each other that fast with minimum contact

4. They delete this one particular kissing scene, first they both come close and then suddenly Edward was at the ...which make everything awkward to watch..which during the second time I watched I excused myself to call my mum.

5. Some lines from the book is better to be read than to be heard...some were a little bit cheesy + corny.

6. Edward looks a little bit constipated in some scenes.....

7. WHATS WITH THE SPARKLES? I know I am glad that he doesn't look like a disco ball but it still hard to watch.


9. Some scenes that makes you...ER...WHAT?!


the weird thing is, I enjoy this movie even though there are some things that I wasn't satisfied with...I have to admit the movie is kinda sweet and after watching it for the first time Me Joey and Lien kinda melted....

Dr Carlisle Cullen looks much more handsome than Edward...when he first appeared the whole cinema were like Wooah. (i watched the movie twice just to see him on screen)

The baseball scenes was pure with the music...dang...(another reason why I watched this movie twice)

The fighting scenes at the ballet studio was cool too...I feel the pain...

And the other Cullens and the other students were OK and hilarious

The settings were magnificent. I wanna live in FORKS!!!!

Charlie was hysterical...Gotta love him

and come on its TWILIGHT its Bella and Edward...its the CULLEN's...all the characters from the book comes alive and for that I am already happy...even if they didn't say anything but watching them onscreen...yeah...

Overall 6/10
and I have to admit
twilight is overrated.
and I am a fan.

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