Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Part 1: The End of 2007

Part 1: The Closure. 2007.

Yeah...I know a bit ketinggalan zaman, but you know me The Princess of Procrastinator. Urgh.

So...yeah thank god I got straight A's. (all that hard work and failing finally paid off). My dad teman me to take the PMR result and Aisyah kinda freak him out by screaming out loud when she saw I got 8A's. Hehehe. His face : priceless.

At niece was there and we both were jumping and running and dancing. My dad said please go behind the house and scream happily at the trees to scare the monkeys away. (im not lying there are monkeys near my house) Haha...Then in the afternoon, I teman my mum to Muar to see the Murid Cemerlang PMR and yeah give support to aisyah to. Oh and of course my mum. Hehe.

Actually I want to go to Maroon 5's concert in S'pore but since my parents already let me go to Japan and my dad bought me a new handphone...well I couldn't ask for more. And frankly I hate concerts. ;D.

But...I still got to celebrate in KL with my family (except kak ana yg kena gi kursus kahwin.wahahaha) Although for one day, it was still the happiest moment in my life. I went to Putrajaya with them lot. First stop, pray at the mosque and second stop THE RESTAURANT where the food is freaking damn delicious! Yeah I couldn't remember the name of the restaurants coz I was concentrating on the food only. Hehe.


infront of the mosque. me behind and still short even im standing on sumthing. BUMMER

the steaming fish of Putrajaya. Hehe

the most yummylicious food. Cheese with lobster. Ayaya. Yeah nearly tak sempat take picture of this priceless thing.


Well it doesn't end there...back in JB my sis n my FBI (future bro 'inlaw') + my niece belanja me makan at Secret Recipe! Whee~~Thankie~~~~~

So kudos to mak, baba, abg, kak noha, abg izhar, kak syedah, kak ana, abg hanafi. Thanks for EVERYTHING.

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