Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yup yeah...2day is 12th. Yesterday was my bday.

First thing, I celebrated it by going to Choral Speaking Pratice. Which was ZzZZZZ...but at least they sang happy bday 2 me. ;p. Then i realised that
MS KAREEMA JOEY EVY was missing in action. Grrrr...they left to CS without me. HOW DARE YOU ALL! Bt thank god my dear Aisyah is still in school, so as Ilham n Kays...

Well like Kareema said they earned a big slap from me. ;
D. Muahahahaha. Actually my bday outing is just me n aisyah...then tanpa diduga Joey Evy Kareema Ilham n this random person I did not know is in the picture.

After eating some takoyaki, which I jus main ambik from Joey n Aisyah....MOVIE TIME....STEP UP 2!!!

Lemme tell ya it was awesome!!!!! Damn the guys r hot...moose is just so adorable...the collins brother (who cares if the other bro is a ballet teacher)...oh yeah and the gals...their bods jus make every girl in the whole wide world green with envy. Heck who cares about the lame plot or the dialogue...but damn the dancing scene...ngee~ AWESOMENESS. Especially
the rain dance scene. Highly recommended 2 people who loves dancing...ME!

Then its time to eat...we choose to eat at Sushi King to Kareema's horror. Wahahahaha....4 my bday I paksa her to eat...sadistic me. But she love the tuna one. Oh well. So thanx to EVERYBODY....coz this bday i got exactly what I want (sindhu!!)...from the wishes, to the bday song and prezzie...I love u all!!
Thanks for the Memories.

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