Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ok that is it...

This Saturday the Puteri Islam girls are going to do some activity
and guess what do we have to do....well I could handle the "Make Something From Recycled Products Thing" but this one tiny little thing I cannot handle (don't ask me why)

gubahan tuala.


I tried MY BEST to find out how to do that in the internet

first I typed gubahan tuala
664 for gubahan tuala

ohkay...good then...but useless

1. gambar gubahan tuala (I WANT TO KNOW HOW) and all of them gulung it like some kind of popiah. goodie

2. Baru! perempuan tak bertuala...(oh great.)

then i tried to translate gubahan tuala to english
well I CANT remember what is gubahan in english, so i check the internet translate malay - english

n i got this

arrange; compose

menggubah: to arrange; to compose
gubahan: (1) composition (2) garland
penggubah: composer
so i tried typing compostion towel

1. my composition about towels ( if i want to know how to write about towels)

then garland towels

1. NEW! BUY towels in Garland.


I am just going to gubah it like popiah's

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