Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yeah, had an interesting day in English discussing about Taboos which lead to hysteria laughter and gasping. Let me tell you some Malay TABOOS that I know

Ladies, don't sing in the kitchen while cooking because you might get old husbands
REAL REASON: Coz' U don't want to let the food to be contaminated with your saliva while singing right?

Don't cut your fingernails at night cause you will have a short life
REAL REASON: Yeah a high possibility of having short FINGERS instead

Don't sew at night cause in fear that you might get blind
REAL REASON: Well it is logical and you might ended up sewing your skin

Don't sit on a pillow because you might have boils on your buttocks
REAL REASON: Pillow is for your HEAD not your A$$

Don't smile where you are planting corns in fear that the corns will look like theperson's teeth.
REAL REASON: I have no idea and this still amuse me.

If you are eating rice, finish it or the rice will cry
REAL REASON: elakkan pembaziran duh! Safe the Earth. Though when I was a kid I was curious and I purposely did not finish it and to my sadness it didn't cry.

If there's a butterfly inside your house, it means that there will be a visitor.
REAL REASON: The butterfly IS the visitor

If you open an umbrella inside the house, snake will come
REAL REASON: I think it prevents you from looking like a weirdo in your own house

Do not flash lights at a tree in the jungle
REAL REASON: well, you know what you will see don't you?

If you hear somebody call your name at night and nobody's there, don't respond
REAL REASON: Think, do you really want to respond?

Wash your feet before you go to bed to prevent nightmares
REAL REASON: So that you are 'clean' when you are sleeping. Also I think to make you feel comfy. Though I did that once and I did have NightmareS

Do not boast or talk vulgar in the woods cause you could get lost
REAL REASON: Its like boasting or talking vulgar in other people houses and other people would just love to smack you but since you're in the woods, the other people is not people.

Do not stick out your tongue, because your tongue will get cut
REAL REASON: Manners people!

Ladies do not wake up late in fear that you will never get marry
REAL REASON: who wants to marry a sleepy head. *guilty*

If your seat is warm after sitting, it means that you will have a lot of children
REAL REASON: maybe because your butt is big and it is easier for you to give birth i think. My family love to tease me about this.

Do not drum your fingers on the table because you might ended up with a lot of debt

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