Thursday, June 26, 2008


After school.

Me: Nak pegi Labuan!! Kota Kinabalu!! September ada cuti?
Mum: Yup. But ur sister is going for a conference in Seoul.
Me: Jom pegi. But then Irfan siapa jaga?
Mum: Kita orang la. Nak bawak dia balik JB
Me: Oh yay!! But kalau dia cabut tube siapa nak pasang? (Irfan my nephew cant swallow so he has to use a tube to feed him)
Mum: Bawak dia pegi klinik
Me: No need la. Kena bayar RM 5o. Adik reti pasang. Kakak ajar measure the tube from the nose to 2 fingers below the scrotum.
Mum: Its sternum la! Do you even know what a scrotum is?
1 minute later

please refer to your from 3 science book to know what a scrotum is.
apparently Ms Rasyiqah is all confused with the human anatomy even though its only a year!

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