Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight.



*insert crazy teenage girl screaming here*

It is so FREAKING awesome. After the movie I was o_o. This is not like oh-this-is-just-another-super-hero-movie-where-they-kick-ass-and-things-blow-up-boom-

The villain: The joker is scary as hell. His way of terrorising is to make you choose. He is the most psychotic sadistic villains in the history.

I wont spoil how Harvey Dent aka Two Face looks like.

The plot is there the story is awesome BUT the movie is a tiny wee bit too long (2 1/2) hours I highly recommend to go the toilet first before you watch because the scenes are absolutely BREATHTAKING. I wont babble more but I highly recommend EVERYBODY to watch this movie!!!

Oh and the new it makes you want to own it!

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