Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Form 5

On the third day of school ...

Cool teachers. Cool friends. We Rule. A lot of Homework. Streaming. Sad that we aren't the original Science 2 anymore. High. Craziness. Who's gonna sing with me now since my singing partner went to Science 3. At least Lien is here. No Joey, no vulgarity, no noise. No freaking bus. Apparently the chamber fume from the Chem Lab directs the fume exactly( not really but still) near our class. That explains a lot. Double hurrah for being Form 5 prefects. Who knew Real Perfect english could be hard and complicated plus confusing. No entertainment till weekends. Whatever.Tuition, tuition tuition. Hate playing F chord on classical guitar. If anyone asks me again What I am Going to do After SPM I'll hit you. Answer: Let me finish SPM first la doi. Stress haven't arrived yet. Nice windy class. What the hell am i doing here? Does anyone loves Gnarles Berkley. He's awesome. My cat just peed on my favourite bag in the whole wide world. bye.

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