Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm alive, barely.


I haven't updated since God knows when...don't have the commitment to do so. But now I am going to update...casually. I am reviving my blog but nobody knows (am not telling anyone anyway).I am doing it for myself and whoever have been checking, thank you though I doubt anyone doing so. Meh, so formal.

Howdy! Haha everybody's running away from distractions but I am more attracted to it. Can't help it! SPM is in a few days time and I am so not worried. Am I scared? Yes. Do I bother? Yes. Do i want to excel? YES. yet here I am. I curse you damn Internet for ruining our exam results but making our social life just a tad better. Hah! Good Luck for SPM people. I will be around, but not that much.

Hasta La vista and Gambate.

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