Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Wassup everybody. Haha. Yup, it is me, no need to get a heart attack and all....
This is just only a short update...and well after I edited some stuff and deleted some useless posts (seriously I was a Twilight fanatic back then and it makes me cringe that I ever wrote some childish stuff like that) :S

So as some of you know, I am leaving to the USA for 6 months for an exchange program. Remember USA Field Trip in 8 TV? Yeah it is the same organisation AFS and all minus the camera crew. I will be leaving on the 13th of Jan. *Gasp* It's next week. I hope we could have a great time at the pre-departure camp cause I certainly did at the Joget Camp :D

I will be hosted in Teaneck, New Jersey!! Only 7km to New York City! Yup, I've been mentioning that to everybody I know. :p But do remember I am on an exchange program and not on vacation. But I could still have fun! It's freezing in New Jersey and snow. All the snow. Snow, snow, SNOW!

Well, that is it for now, me gonna go out and wanna buy me self some jammies. Haha

Peace out, Dudes.

P/S: Ena baiknya ko jadi aku punya follower, terharu aku. *sobs*


Unknown said...

diam r ko. stop follow kang.

Ms Syiqah aka Chinguin said...

ok dah dah aku dah tak rindu ko lagi... :P Bleuk

Azri Aliah said...

aku rindu kau!
=) =) =)

kat sini dah tak de sapa nak ketawakan dan layan ke'lame'an aku =(